Top 10 Sexy US Cities

A lot of men cannot figure out how to completely please a woman sexually. It really does not take much more than a little thought, a little consideration and a little ingenuity. It is also amazing to find that the top ten cities in the United States that have active sexual interactions are some of the last ones most people would imagine.

Denver, Colorado – With its natural beauty and scenic Rocky Mountains, Denver is a romantic city.

Portland, Oregon – Portland is a booming town full of microbreweries’ and cafes that are perfect for meeting the opposite sex.

Ann Arbor, Michigan – A booming college town, Ann Arbor is a great place to hook up.

San Antonio, Texas – The second largest city in Texas is a multicultural mecca with one of the country’s highest birth rates.

Boise, Idaho – With 25 miles of river and beautiful isolated scenery, Boise is a lovers’ Paradise.

Seattle, Washington – Home of the Grunge movement, Microsoft and Starbucks there are plenty of single young professionals looking for romance.

Washington DC – Who says politics and sex do not mix? Lots of young (and mature) politicians, newsmen and celebrities enjoy a rich sex life.

Alexandria, Virginia/Salt Lake City, Utah – Tied for number 8, these cities are full of romance. Alexander is famous for “romantic” purchases while Salt Lake City has a high birth rate.

Cincinnati, Ohio – This scenic small town is full of young professionals looking for love.

Cambridge, Massachusetts – Ending the list is Cambridge, another college town. In 1991 Massachusetts created the first statewide availability of condoms for high school students.

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