Top 10 Things Women Want From Men?

  1. Foreplay – Men find it easy to switch it on and off. Women need to warm up and simmer as part of sexual activity.
  1. Relaxation – For women to enjoy a sexual experience, they need to feel relaxed and comfortable. No anxiety equals an orgasm.
  1. Know her needs – Women’s pleasures are not so difficult to figure out. A man should know her favorite positions and how best to help her orgasm.
  1. Make it fresh and exciting – Fantasy can be a great turn on for a woman. Sex scripts and new ideas can enhance sex.
  1. Know your way around the female body parts – The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve stimulators while the entire pelvic area has over 15,000. Get to know the areas your women will respond to.
  1. Sex is more than penetrating the vagina. Get to know the woman’s vulva and how best to stimulate her into orgasm.
  1. Don’t forget the tongue – Most men are afraid to perform cunnilingus. It is very important and easy for a woman to achieve orgasm through cunnilingus. Men should just remember pressure, stillness, resistance, posture and position.
  1. The Woman comes first – Let the women be fulfilled first and she will beg you for sexual intercourse to complete the sexual experience.
  1. Vibrators – Vibrators are often a woman’s friend and simple for a man to use to please her.
  1. Cuddle – For a woman sex is not always successful when quickly and efficiently done. Body conduct, cuddling and connecting after sex will make her experience complete.
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