Discover Jamaica like Never Before

The motherland to reggae music has a couple of world-class attractions and fun activities that one can do. That is not all; the country offers classy accommodations and very tasty cuisine. Vacation “Jamaica” is one travel that you will always find hard to forget.

There is no better way to enjoy vacation than spend time at the Seven Mile Beach. The long stretch of white sand and blue sea is appealing than you can ever imagine. Restaurants are strategically located close to the beach and the locals are very welcoming. Visitors to the country never fail to spend time at the coconut coast.

Those with love for adventure can visit the Martha Brae River. This geographic feature is attractive with rafting activities that are fun. The popular attraction site gives visitors the chance to glide along the river on rafts made of bamboo.

The blue mountains beside the country’s capital and provide a great way to view the Kingston city from the top. Bob Marley legacy and life is well recorded in the Bob Marley Museum. This is a must visit tourist site. There is also the Natural History Museum, which is one of the country’s oldest museums. Jamaica has a vast history that is well documented and presented in a number of tourist sites.

Port Antonio is a resort town set between a double harbors. There is a blue lagoon that is 60 meters deep and aqua blue. The lagoon is a good natural swimming site that visitors find irresistible. There is an island known as Navy Island between the harbors. Once in Port Antonio, one can go for picnics and nature strolls.

Love for fauna will never fail to be appreciated in The Caribbean Island. The black River has mangroves, crocodiles and uncountable bird species. This is not only the longest river in the country but also an adventurous land with commercial cascades and natural springs. The Rain forest Bobsled Jamaica at the Mystic Mountain is worth a visit. Visitors enjoy the Rainforest Sky Explorer which is a chairlift ascending the Mystic Mountain.

Dunn’s River Falls also provide a natural attraction that tourist visit. The gentle falls tumble over rocks and the river continues the water movement into the sea. The outdoor fun of walks and photography are simply memorable.

Finally, one can enjoy the festivals that run through the whole year. Remember, music and the entertainment industry is very big in this country. All that said, it is time to try a Vacation “Jamaica”!

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