“I Thought of Killing My Self” Says Ronda Rousey

Ellen DeGeneres recently invited the former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey on her show. Ronda was looking gorgeous, happy and full of aggression like she used to be in past. They both cracked jokes and they were having fun but suddenly Ronda broke down while discussing her defeat against Holly Holm back in November.

Ronda confessed that she was so confused and upset after her loss to Holly that she thought of killing herself.

Ronda also lost her father because of suicide which she consider as the reason of her aggression in the octagon.

She stated “I got clipped in the first exchange, so I was knocked out on my feet the first time. I got hit. It’s hard to really know what’s going on…. It was weird. I had perception, I felt like I couldn’t see. I couldn’t tell how far my hand was from my face or how far she was from me… I really don’t remember most of it… I was trying to hide the fact that I wasn’t really there anymore. To be honest, I was down in the medical room in the corner and I was like, ‘what am I anymore if I’m not this?’ I was literally sitting there, thinking about killing myself. In the exact second, I was like, ‘I’m nothing what am I going to do anymore? No one gives a shit about me without this? To be honest, I looked up and say my man, Travis, and thought, ‘I need to have his babies, I need to stay alive [Laughs]’ I haven’t told anyone except him. That’s what I was thinking, I was meant to have him when I was at my lowest. I don’t know it I would have made it without him. I really do believe I’m still undefeated because being defeated is a choice. Everyone has losses in their life, but I choose to always be undefeated.”

This was very unlike of Ronda, as Ronda Rousey is known to scare and upset her opponents, but this time it was Ronda crying and hopping to come back.

She promised her fans the she will come back with a bang and she is hoping to get a rematch with Holly Holm who will be defending her title next month against Miesha Tate.

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