Kinetic: Magical Combination of Art and Technology

Dance is an activity that makes everyone feel better. It makes people forget the world and worries around them for a while and get lost in a world above all that. A well choreographed and synchronized dance performance is always a treat for the eyes. There are quite a number of different dance forms with their own charm and beauty. But when technology was added to the art of dance, a magical view was created. A view, which was full of colors, dance moves, lights and an impressive presentation that makes the eyes go wide in wonder. The technology that we are talking about it KINETIC!

What Is Kinetic:
Kinetic is a small device which mixes technology, art, lights and dance to provide amazing results. It is basically a micro light i.e. a device with LED micro lights which respond to the movement of the dancer. These movements can be of a finger, hand, or any other body part. With the help of an accelerometer, which is built – in, it measures the motion and position of the dancer and accordingly changes the speed of lights and frequency of changing colors.

Colors And Their Work:
Kinetics has been equipped with nineteen different colors along with a blank. These colors keep changing as the accelerometer measures the change in the postures and speed of dancer’s maneuvers. In addition to these colors, the device is enriched with true brightness feature which can be set to high, medium or low. What this does is that it makes the intensity of colors adjustable and provides more options to the dancer to play with colors. Further, the color change and timings of change can also be configured as per choice.

A True Magic:
A combination of technology with art of dancing is something which gives a magnificent view for the spectators. Kinetic gives that magnificence to the performance as it only needs the dance movements from the performer and the dancer can use his skills to produce an extraordinary effect with the changing lights. This not only makes dance look more awe-inspiring but it also opens new doors of possibilities in the field of dance and technology’s fusion.
Kinetic was listed as one of the most impressive technical creations of the year 2015. It came and created a huge buzz among the artists and technical enthusiasts. With it being in its starting phase, there is a huge scope and possibilities in it to create heavily impressive results. Touted as helpful for artists and musicians, Kinetic is a fascinating way of creating a colorful magic from technology and music.

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