Top 10 Denzel Washington Movies

When it comes about some of the most talented and successful Hollywood actors, Denzel Washington is definitely on the list! The two time Academy Award winner with a total of six nominations, Denzel is one of those actors, who unlike others, pass through the rise and fall phase and turn out to be as the one who’ll stay for long and rule. From 1989 till now, he has given some stellar performances and here is the list of top 10 movies of Denzel Washington:

10. The Manchurian Candidate: Not many articles will post this movie in their list but we think this is one of the most powerful performances of Denzel. Coming together second time with director Jonathan Demme, he portrayed the role of paranoid Major with utmost realism. A character worth mentioning.

9. Philadelphia: Teaming up with director Jonathan Demme again, Denzel portrayed the character of a lawyer fighting for a man (Tom Hanks) having AIDS. The ease with which he showed the transformation in his character from a person afraid of AIDS patient to the one who fights for him is great. Hanks won the Academy Award for it, but Denzel was equally great.

8. The Hurricane: The unmatched portrayal of a boxer, convicted for a crime which he didn’t do, earned Denzel a well deserved Academy Award nomination. His expressions, reactions and powerful presence in silence were a treat to watch.

7. Crimson Tide: Absolute treat watching Denzel and Gene Hackman in this movie. Denzel is well acclaimed for his performance in it as a Lieut. Comm. who calmly puts up with subtle racism and a control-savvy behavior from Submarine’s captain. He brought every scene alive with his strong performance.

6. He Got Game: A spike lee movie which, widely believed, was saved by the brilliant performance by Denzel Washington’s performance as an imprisoned father of a basketball sensation. He took the whole movie on his shoulders and delivered a performance of his life.

5. Courage Under Fire: The character of an Army officer, who is investigating a helicopter crash and following rescue couldn’t have been played better by anyone else. This classic showed another side of Denzel’s acting capabilities and earned him a lot of critical acclaim.

4. Inside Man: The NYPD detective, negotiating with robbery crew headed by Clive Owen presented Denzel as a star performer once again. The tense stand-off between the two got more alive with Denzel’s amazing screen presence. Clive was great, but Denzel was at his best too.

3. American Gangster: A Ridley Scott movie pairing Denzel and Russel Crowe was a treat to watch. Denzel played the role of real-life drug king Frank Lucas. And it is no surprise that whenever Denzel was on the screen, the scenes seem more gripping with his stellar portrayal of the character. Arguably, One of the best performances from him.

2. Glory: Coming back in 1989, this movie earned Denzel his first Academy Award for the best supporting actor. Universally praised for his performance in the movie as courageous civil war soldier, Denzel made his mark among the likes of Morgan Freeman.

1. Training Day: And without the doubt topping the list is Training Day. The movie that earned him the Oscar for Best Actor. Portraying the role of crooked LAPD detective, he showed that he can admirably play the characters with grey shades. This was one of the best performances he ever gave and well, earned Oscar deserving.

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