Top Ten Million Dollar Beach Front Properties in the U.S

Imagine waking up every morning with the ocean at the bottom of your garden in your very own beachfront house. It is everyone’s idea of paradise but unless you have several million dollars to spare you are unlikely to achieve your dream.

The top ten million dollar beach front properties in the US will explain why you have to be at least a multi-millionaire before you can even look at the real estate lists.

  1. Le Palais, Hillsboro Beach, Florida

 America’s most expensive beach front property has just been put on the market for $139 million. It is inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France and it is not only extremely beautiful, it has its own movie theatre and a 1300 gallon aquarium.

  1. Maison de L’Amitie

 This is the beachfront home of Donald and Ivana Trump and he bought it for $41.35 million in 2004. Eleven years later it is now valued at $125 million. It has eighteen bedrooms and fifteen bathrooms, its own ballroom and conservatory and a 30.4 meter swimming pool.

  1. Martha’s Vineyard

The favourite holiday destination of the Kennedys you would need $100 million to purchase a package there which comprises of a four bedroom house, a beach house and 1,200 feet of your own private beach.

  1. South Hamptons NY

Here you do not purchase homes but estates and you need several millions to secure one. You get your own eight bedroom house set in more than eight acres with your own 450 feet of private beach. This is an exclusive area of N.Y so you would have some interesting neighbours.

  1. Carbon Beach

You need $65 to secure the crown of Carbon Beach as that is the price the largest property is being marketed for. It has its own 150 feet beach, its own theatre, gym, beachfront pool and spa, even its own pub.

  1. Malibu

 Malibu Beach is home to the stars so you need more than $60 million to secure a home in this exclusive resort. For this you get a lovely home right on the beach, large rooms, stunning views of the ocean and possibly celebrity neighbours.

  1. Bermuda Bay

Bermuda Bay consists of an exclusive community comprising of large private houses with their own swimming pools. Set in five acres each house costs at least $39 million.

  1. The Hamptons

This is an exclusive area of NY and a beachfront house set in your own two acre grounds would set you back $39.5 million.

  1. Santa Barbara

Another popular resort for Hollywood stars to have their holiday homes the houses date back to the 1930s and are situated in pine trees right on the beach. To own one of these prestigious properties you would need to raise $25 million but you cannot find more elegant and historic properties anywhere.

  1. Hawaii

 This would give you a completely different lifestyle as your elegant house would be set in its own garden of green grass and pine trees with the beach adjoining your garden. Sounds like an idyllic lifestyle but it will cost you $24 million.

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