The Music Executives who Influence the Music Business

Behind every successful record or album there lies a music executive who had the final say as to whether it should be recorded. Without their decision some of the greatest songs ever written might never have been heard so who are the ten most powerful music executives in the music business of all time?

  1. Simon Cowell

Undoubtedly the most powerful music executive around today, Simon has his own record label Syco records and he only takes the very best. The brains behind the X-Factor the winner gets a recording contract with Syco but if they fail to deliver after their first recording Simon will have no compunction but to drop them. He probably has the most influence in the music business today.

  1. Simon Fuller

1052709-Simon-Fuller-Gettyimages-617Simon Fuller created the Pop Idol series around the world and also created the Fox reality television shows. He selected some of the most famous groups around like The Spice Girls and he was the first British music executive since the man who managed the Beatles, the late Brian Epstein, to hold the top three places in the American singles charts. In 2008 Billboard magazine named him as the most successful music executive of all time.

  1. Cameron Strang

 Cameron oversees the legendary record label Warner Bros records as well as their publishing section Warner/Chappell Music. This record label is only of the most successful labels of all time and Cameron is responsible for signing some of the most innovative and influential artists around. Prior to joining Warner Bros records he founded both the independent label New West Records and Southside Independent Music Publishing.

  1. Lucian Grange CBE

Chief Executive of another top record label the Universal Music Group Lucian is responsible for signing all their top artists. With twenty-five years’ experience in the music business he has gleaned an extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and has a special talent for picking out chart toppers.

  1. L.A. Reid

Chief Executive Officer of Epic Records he spent two seasons as a judge alongside Simon Cowell on the X-Factor and now he specializes is turning X-Factor finalists into big stars. He has been very successful with a number of the finalists as well as turning out hits for his own stable of artists.

  1. Dallas Martindallas_martin

At the moment the Senior Vice President of Atlantic Records can do no wrong. He overseas Maybach Music’s Ross label which is a subsidiary of Atlantic Records and everything he handles turns to gold which is why he is one of the most respected music executives in the business.

  1. Daniel Lanois

 Known as one of the greatest rock and roll music executives of all time Daniel was responsible for turning out the greatest rock records of the 1980s and he had a big influence on today’s music record producers.

  1. Berry Gordy

 Berry is another music executive who is a legend in the industry because he caused a revolution in popular music with his record label Motown. He gathered together a star-studded collection of artists and introduced the world to The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder.

  1. Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

 Although better known as a singer Pharrell Williams is also a very successful music executive with his partner Chad Hugo. They have been responsible for nearly every top ten hit since the turn of the century and their influence has been so impressive artists and record labels queue up to get them to market their records.

  1. George Martin

 Perhaps the most impressive music executive of all time because without him there would have been no Beatles. He first spotted them, sacked the original drummer and appointed Ringo Starr and gave them their first recording contract, and the rest is history.

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