Why Big Butts Are Sexy?

There is this big butt hype that always influences men and they seem to have unrealistic images of what a woman should look like. Images of big booties are always tossed on the faces of people, so a lot of them have to think that why men are so obsessed with big booty girls. Society is so easily influenced and that’s why we can say that now more men are in love with curve figures and they enjoy looking at. So why are men so drawn to this specific figure? Is it really because of media? Who knows that how long the bigger butts will be considered sexier and sought after, but now the psychological researchers at Turkey’s Bilkent University have found out the actual reason of this popular standard.

Out of all the assets, butt is the main and now studies show that it is not all about these rear ends, men are actually attracted to the curve of the spine. Yes, this is hard to believe that the 45 degree curve in the bottom is what turns men on. This study actually showed that after taking the survey of 300 men, between the ages of 18 to 24, who rated various silhouettes of women with different degrees of spine curvatures, found women with uber bendy images hotter. The researchers conducted the experiments one more time with more specifications and men overwhelmingly preferred big booties again. While people believe that men are attracted to size, it is more of a curve that find appealing.

Dr. David Lewis, one of the researchers, then explained that big bottoms represent the capability of women to search for food and bear more children. So it’s quite pleasing to know that men are not shallow to just like big bums, they actually like women having more maternal figures.

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