Irish Castles and Millionaires

In the deep crevices of the male desire, there lies the rulers wish. We all want to rule something whether its a crayon, a book, a classroom or a house. We have an inner desire to be our own kings. That is why many sail off with ships and declare themselves independent. A rather opposite approach is taken by the billionaires today that buy up castles.

Due to the increase in the upkeep and the maintenance costs for a larger castle, their owners, mostly knights and landowners have to sell it. Many castles are sold as low as 8M$ and the young CEOs and MDs of the 21st century have got their dream handed to them. As the owners need to sell it and the wealthy have no limit in their wealths, they have no problems at all in buying up large chunk of lands in all over the world like Ireland, France, Scotland and far cities of Chicago.

With the vast range of architecture available, the castles are no exception to this. They have large ponds and double libraries with dozen rooms and plenty of towers and cannons to keep the battlement complete. The British castle architecture is indeed the most famous one with King Arthur look hanging over them they signify and describe the very meaning of castle itself.

And with the castles comes the amazing historical importance of every magical incident that ever happened there. There are keeps for sale that have been in wars and rebellions. There have been castles with long history of kings living in them.
And oh the large amount of land that comes with it. There are large forests surrounding the places with large castle grounds and walls. They have trees around the long driveways and large gardens near the large libraries that most inhold.
The rich like John Malone and other big CEOs are collecting up number of large gardens and strongholds in Ireland after the big dip in prices since the economy has been altering.

The upper elite and the rich always know their desires and never slow down in creating new ones.
After all who wouldn’t want a piece of history waiting for them when they get home, with welcoming stony walls glistening in the bright sun of the long countryside.

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