The changing trend and trend-setters

There’s always a first. The first man who who wore a monocle and made it fashion as well as the first woman who wore a big hairdo for one of her parties.

Where there has been a trend there has been trendsetter. Someone who started to lead. Someone who thought out of box. But one thing is for certain, there have been many changes in trend in all spheres of life. From music of soul and pop to fashion of Prada and France. There are different driving forces for these changes, some being pure art such as hats and dresses in fashion trends but some are well needed such as in industrial age, the women who wore suit pants to work could work better and more professionally instead of the long flowing dresses that were worn privy to this.

The was a need for hats in the early British and American times because of the large amount of population that was balding or bald. And hence it drove up the fashion for all kinds of hats from bowler hats to fedora.
There was a time when more and more of the population was needed to be drawn towards the army and hence the persona of style and glamour was added to the forces. The uniform, the Aviator Goggles, the caps, the salutes was all increased many-fold during the wars.

Just as equally there have been civilizations that have been sort of saviors for the decades. There was the Persians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, Romans, British and lately the french have all taken turns to spin world the around with new ideas and creativity. They are hubs for nurturing free thought and free will and thus the arts nourish in paint, music, food and fashion. Where freedom is granted, people come forward and be proud of what they feel and show that in their clothing. That’s the beginning of the spark of a new trend.

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