Billionaires, What they eat?

A billionaire’s lifestyle has always been something that everyone is curious to know about and dream to live. Everything they do is just grand, so one must be curious to know what these billionaires love to eat. Is it something exotic? Must be something worth a fortune?So to answer it, lets have a look at five such billionaires and their favorite dishes.

  • Bill Gates: With a net worth of $72.9 billion, Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is sitting at the top of the list of world’s richest men. If an article by Todd Bishop in the business journal is to be believed, Bill Gates is a fan of the old fashioned burgers. Yup, you are reading correct. Just like all of us, even Bill can’t resist burgers. He loves to have hamburgers, fries and chocolate shake. So, surprising as it may sound but a hamburger is what fills the column of Bill Gates’ favorite food.
  • Warren Buffet: The American Business magnate a.k.a “Wizard of Omaha”, Warren Buffet is world’s 3rd richest man. So what does warren buffet loves the most? Well, he is a cheeseburger fan but a root beer float will always top the list. “This is his regular.” cited by Donna Sheehan, Co-owner of “Pete’s“ Buffet’s favorite restaurant in Omaha – in a chat with CNBC. Though doesn’t seem to be a vegetable lover, Buffet’s favorites include Veal parm or chicken parm. Hash browns also features in the list of his favorites. Quite a food lover he is.
  • Mark Zuckerberg: The billionaire CEO of the social media networking site FACEBOOK is world’s youngest billionaire. Though generally Mark prefers healthy and antibiotic free food, as told by Joseph Desimone, chief chef at Facebook, Mark is a big time lover of Bacon Wrapped hot dogs. Yup, his taste buds “Follow” and “Like” Bacon wrapped hot dogs. Well, no matter how much you earn and what place you make for yourself, hot dogs are still one of the favorites of everyone and Mark Zuckerberg is no different in this case.
  • Mukesh Ambani: Indian business tycoon is listed as world’s 19th richest man by Forbes. The chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd has a net worth of $18.5 billion. As per the TOI reports, Mukesh Ambani is a vegetarian and likes basic Indian food, Rice and dal, with bread and vegetables. He is known to be a taste lover and the kind and grandeur of the place, where he is eating from, doesn’t bother him as long as the food is tasty. Well, taste comes first whether it be a billionaire or a common man.
  • Michael Bloomberg: World’s 13 most richest person, Michael Bloomberg is founder and owner of Bloomberg L.T and served as Ney City Mayor for three terms. He is also a big time food lover and loves to have steaks. He also loves to have sandwiches and his favorite is peanut butter with bacon and a few banana slices.

So, was it what you were expecting?

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