American Idol: Alumni Who Became Stars

A 15 years long journey of the iconic singing talent show will end with its 15th edition. With so many talents being brought into the light and many stars that it gave, here is a list of a six of those who entered American idol as alumni and went on to touch the skies of fame and success.

  • Jennifer Hudson 6th place Season 3
    How a strong determination and talent pays off is shown by the gifted singer, Jennifer Hudson. Stood 6th in 3rd season of American Idol and from there she just went up and up. You want a list? Well, she has an Oscar Award, Grammy and Golden Globe award with getting high ratings in both, singing and acting. The only American Idol to win an Oscar award has done quite a few hit movies. She has also given many hits like Spotlight, Trouble etc. A tale of greatest underdog.
  • Carrie Underwood Winner Season 4
    Carrie showed her caliber and talent very well when she won the title and hearts in season 4. After that, she never looked back. This beautiful and talented country singer has so far bagged seven Grammy Awards. With her single Before He Cheats selling more than 3,500,000 copies worldwide and a total albums sale of 65 million worldwide, the 30 years old has also been the artist with most chart toppers in Billboard Country songs list.
  • Kelly Clarkson Winner Season 1
    American Idols first ever winner, Kelly, has proved over the years why she won at the first place. The 31 years old Texas talent house has since then bagged three Grammy Awards and two Academy Awards for country music. Selling more than 45 million albums worldwide, she has given many memorable Number 1 hits like Miss Independent, Catch My Breath and more. She also has done acting in a couple of movies and TV shows. One of the most remembered contestant of American Idol has seen the heights on success and still going strong.
  • Adam Lambert Runner-up Season 8
    Debuting with a hit album selling 77000 copies in a year and becoming number one as per billboard, Adam Lambert has given many hits like “If I had you, Whataya Want from me?, which became a sensation. With singing milestones that he went on to achieve, Adam also featured as an actor in TV show Glee. The winner of GLAAD Award for terrific music, he is also popular for his social activism, as he became a major and outspoken member of LGBT community after announcing that he is gay in 2009.
  • Fantasia Barrino Winner Season 3
    Remarked as the best contestant ever to compete in any global Idol incarnation of the show by Simon Cowell, the winner of season 3 has kept him proving right. Debuting at number 1 on billboard with her single I Believe, she didn’t look back ever. She won three Grammy nominations for Free Yourself, her debut album certified platinum by RIAA. She gave many number one chartbusters and went on to win Grammy award for her single Bittersweet”. She also has acted in a movie but it is her successful musical career that makes her one of the most successful American Idol alumni of all times.
  • Chris Daughtry 4th Position Season 5
    Another underdog who tasted much more success than many winners, Chris stood 4th in season five but went on to form his own band and giving fastest selling rock album ever in the history of Nielsen Soundscan. He become the third ranked American Idol Alumni of all time with respect to the number of album copies sold with 11.9 million track sales and 6.5 million album sales. With his singles like Home, Over you, Waiting for superman getting huge success, the underdog has also been trying his hands in acting with his role in Studio City.
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