Advices From Billionaires To New Entrepreneurs

Successful people always work on some basic principles which take them to the heights of success. Starting off with nothing, today they are at the peak of success and inspiring everyone. To learn something from these billionaires is what every new entrepreneur should do. So here is a list of a few basic but most important words of advice from some of the most successful people in the world:

Warren Buffet
The most successful investor of the world, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and a constantly featuring personality in the world’s richest person’s list, Warren Buffet, suggests focusing on your work as it is the only thing you have. He says, “When you run your business, run it like it is a sole trade your family can possess for the next ten decades. Do not evaluate your business by the income it generates in a particular quarter of the year, because the real economic advantage comes over time when your business expands or narrows.”

Jack Dorsey
The Founder of Twitter and Square emphasizes on getting the idea out of head and bringing it to reality to check its possibilities. As he says, The biggest and hardest thing to do is to start. Everyone has idea, but the main thing is to execute these ideas and attract people to help you work on the idea. So the main thing is to get the idea out of head, draw it, discuss it, program is or build it but just work on it.

Richard Branson
Founder of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson advises to work with a good workforce. His words are, Business is people driven so be good to people. Make sure to identify good people to manage your work and aspects of your business. And once you’ll be able to operate and manage one company, then you can manage many more as well.”

David Karp
One of the youngest billionaires and the founder of “Tumblr” advice the young guns to open up their creative sides to move on! He said, “Find a place where you are creative and a place where you are open for free thinking, you want to enjoy what you are doing and do what you are best at.”

Steve Jobs
One of the richest persons, Co-founder of Apple Inc. and CEO of Pixar animation studio once said, “If you want your business to get success, make sure you start off with your top line. Your top line means your plans, people that work with and for you and your merchandise. Once you make sure that you can manage your top line well, then you will surely achieve your bottom line.”

Ben Silbermann
The Founder of Pinterest has just one advice for the young entrepreneurs and that is, don’t listen to advice and don’t over think. In his words – “Do not over analyze or over think anything. Don’t listen to too many advice because most of the advice givers generalize whatever they did. You are different, so should be your experiences. Don’t over think and just build things and find out yourself it they work.”

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