We all Scream for the Highest Priced Ice Cream

Ever wonder what the most expensive ice cream in the USA could possibly be? Even those store brands have gone up in price over the past few years but there are some ice cream concoctions that make those $4-7 (per half gallon) prices appear to be absolute bargains.

Don’t be fooled by the exotic name Haagen Dazs because this sweet treat is manufactured in the northeastern region of the USA. The pricing of this ice cream has always placed it at the top of the ranks when it comes to singular ice cream costs. Even though the esteemed ice cream brand Haagen Dazs still holds a certain mystique this is no longer the highest priced US ice cream. Many others are now nipping at the heels of the Haagen Dazs company.

Frozen Delight (Frusen Gladje) was introduced as an elegantly delicious ice cream when it was first introduced in the early 1980s. Even though it was manufactured in the US the higher pricing and unusual name were both designed to attract people who desired to sample the finer things that life had to offer.

Not content to build your own expensive ice cream dessert at home? Well, travel to the Serendipity restaurant in New York and chow down on an ice cream sundae that will set you back a cool $1K.

Believe it or not you will be expected to pay one thousand dollars to taste the unique Golden Opulence Sundae. You might want to share this one of a kind ice cream treat with a few dozen friends who are willing to pay part of the tab.

In 2005 a restaurant known as the Serendipity decided to pay homage to its own half century anniversary. To celebrate the 50th anniversary landmark the chefs created a unique ice cream sundae with a unique price tag of one thousand dollars. This automatically qualified the dessert to be placed at the top of the list when ranking the highest priced ice cream in the US. Even Guinness awarded this sundae the title of most expensive ice cream sundae to ever be created.

The ingredients for this over the top sundae include vanilla from Madagascar, edible gold decorations, French candies and rich chocolate truffles. You even get a special bowl of dessert caviar as an accompaniment to this expensive ice cream dessert. Not only are these ingredients difficult to obtain they are all custom ordered from the countries where each is produced. Customers have to order these ice cream sundaes 2 days early so each special ingredient can be ordered, prepared and then flown directly to the New York airport.

If you cannot afford the hefty menu price for the Golden Opulence don’t let this dissuade you from creating your own special ice cream treats at home. In a number of different studies it appears that few individuals can discern the more expensive ice cream brands from the less costly brands. Just let your imagination run wild and produce your own fantastic sundae at home and you can christen it with whatever price you want. A million dollar ice cream sundae? Why not?

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