If You Are A Traveler, Don’t Turn Into A Photographer

Traveling is all about getting away from the daily routine, all the hustle and about setting out on adventure, getting new experiences and do some exploration. Exploration of new places, new people and mostly you get a few moments to explore your inner self. But most of the times, we get too much busy in clicking photographs for the social media and other reasons that we stop absorbing the new experiences and thus loose the real essence of being a traveler.

Here is why traveling should not be mixed with photography

  • Eyes are the better Cameras: Just for once try and keep your cameras or multi-media phones at home and move out without them. Look around, your eyes can capture more beauty than your camera can ever, and it will last as long as you’ll have those memories in your mind.
  • Give yourself time to connect with the nature: Travelers see new places, meet new people, sit with them, talk to them, learn something new and experience something different. But that’ll happen if only you’ll come out of your photography mode and will try to actually absorb the surroundings. Being busy with your multi-media will not help you get connected to the nature and live the unforgettable experiences.
  • You are not traveling for your Facebook friends: You are out to get away from the hustle and to breathe in a new atmosphere. A traveler travels for his own peace and learning. Give yourself some time with you. Travel for yourself and not for your social media friends.
  • Explore: You are a traveler, not a reporter who has to capture and record everything. Yes, a click or two does no harm but turning into a photographer won’t help in experiencing what nature has to offer. So leave your camera aside and let the exploration begin.
  • Don’t capture, but live the moment: Traveling is thrill, it is adventure, and it is getting to know the unknown and a journey for finding yourself. This all can only be experienced by living in the moment and not by clicking or recording the moment and hoping that this will help you to live this moment back home.
  • Understand difference between traveling and photography: Traveling is different than photography. Both require a different mindset before setting off. While clicking, your major focus is on the angle at which to click, the light should be right and the shot should be perfect. You focus on the image that will come out. Traveling on the other hand is a whole different thing. It is about soaking in every single aspect around you and making a memoir of them in your mind. Don’t focus on the image, but focus on the reality.

Traveling is an adventure, and as far as we know, adventures are to be lived and experienced, not to be clicked and showcased.

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