The Expensive and Luxurious Houses of Millionaires

The Billionaires league has people who have different passions and likings. But the liking to have a royal, luxurious and, of course, expensive mansions and estates to live, is one thing that almost all of them has in common. They own a few of the most expensive estates and mansions of the world which has almost everything to offer that one can imagine of. Let’s have a look at five of such billionaires and their marvelous houses whose features and dimensions may make your jaw drop:

  • Larry Ellison-”Porcupine creek”, Rancho Mirage, California:
    Oracle Corp. CEO and software billionaire Larry Ellison purchased this mansion from Edra Blixseth at 42.9 million. Porcupine creek covers 240 acres of land. The main house has 16 bedrooms to be exact. Quite a number it is!!! It also boasts of a private19-hole golf course. It also has a resort style pool for chilling out and a grand amphitheater. Well, Larry is known as one of the most passionate collectors of real estate and Porcupine Creek is another jewel in his crown.
  • Dmitry Rybolovlev “Maison De L’Amitie”, Florida:
    Dmitry Rybolovlev bought this luxurious compound at $95 million, which was listed for $125 million earlier, from real estate magnate, Donald Trump. This 60,000 sq ft compound is at the glorious looking oceanfront. The house is decorated with fixtures of diamond and gold. It has a garage that space enough to park more than 50 cars.
  • Steven Cohen – “Crown Lane”, Greenwich, Conn.:
    The Hedge Fund Mogul with a net worth of around $3 billion bought his house in 1998 for $14.8 million. This mansion is spread over a vast area of 35000 sq. ft. It has a basketball court, an indoor pool to just lie down and relax, and an ice skating rink too. And in addition to all of this, the art lover’s house has about $750 million worth of art work to showcase.
  • Bill Gates –“Xanadu 2.0”, Seattle, Washington:
    Bill gates, the Microsoft Founder and world’s richest man owns a very high tech complex that values around $120.5 million. The 66000 sq. ft. mansion boasts of a pool of underwater music system, an estate wide server system, 2500 sq. ft. gym and 1000 sq. ft. dining room. The interesting features are the pins that the guests wear when they enter the house which adjusts temperature, music and other things automatically as per their comfort.
  • Mukesh Ambani – “Antilia”, Mumbai:
    The Indian business giant, Mukesh Ambani owns a 560 feet tall, 27 story skyscraper. An estimated cost for this house is around one billion. With a total of 48,000 square feet of living area, “Antilia” has 6 underground levels of parking, a ballroom with crystal decorated ceiling, Movie Theater with snack bar, three helicopter pads and a health level. It is considered to be world’s second most expensive private residence after Birmingham Palace.

These are five of the most luxurious, expensive and beautiful mansions of the billionaires’ world.

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